About Us

Find out more information about people who run The Irish Guards North of England Branch, Mini Micks and The Irish Guards Singers.

Our Committee

Simon Donegan
Peter Swain
Vice Chairman
Andrew Williamson
Hon. Secretary
Laurie Jacobson
David Ellis
Events Manager
Ray Bywater
Assistant Events Manager
Ken Owen
Association Photographer
Andy Coulter
Association Piper
James Shanks
Welfare Officer
Allan Oakes
Standard Bearer
Mick Baylis
Standard Bearer
Charlie Humphreys
Standard Bearer
“The Irish Guards Association North of England Branch is part of the Association that covers the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Membership is open to former and current members of the Irish Guards irrespective of rank, circumstances or nationality. We extend a very warm welcome to everyone on this basis and work hard to ensure that all Micks, past and present, feel part of this very proud regimental family”.

Simon Donegan

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